North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition
Healthy Grazing Lands - A Natural Resource
Our Background
All programs and services are offered on a non-disciminatory basis.
Updated 11/22/2016
Coalition members believe in: learning from the trials and experiences of peers;
opening doors to grass management expertise; sharing alternatives and different
perspectives; discovering common goals and objectives and generating new
The North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition (NDGLC) is a grassroots group
organized in 1996 to promote the health and sustainability of North Dakota's 13.5
million acres of grazing lands. The NDGLC believes that through voluntary
actions, respect for private property rights, and education on the values and
multiple benefits of well managed grazing resources, their goals are achievable.  

Through a cooperative effort, the coalition's goal is to provide local leadership,
guidance, information, and technical assistance to grassland managers. Given
the appropriate tools and training, grassland managers will be better prepared to
make cost-effective and environmentally sound decisions.

Coalition members have a very strong focus on the importance of managing for
soil health and systems biodiversity as a key to sustainable farming and ranching.
They continue to implement and demonstrate new technologies that: improve soil
health, productivity and profitability, reduce input costs, and integrate livestock
and crops in a whole farm systems approach. They work through the kinks that
are always a part of the transition to new technology, and are positioned and
willing to assist other producers in making those adjustments.

Grazing land is a collective term for land which supports plants suitable for
harvest by grazing animals managed primarily through grazing management. This
could include rangeland, grassland, native prairie, pastureland, grazed forest,
native and naturalized pasture, hayland and grazed cropland.
Our Values